Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Name These Cutters

Since the flip flop wasn't to be found I had to order a new one. I couldn't have that poor cutter shipped by itself so I bought some friends to travel with it.

Can you name the cutters? The first person to respond with the correct description of the 15 cutters wins a dozen cookies of their choice. Cutter names can be given in any order. The flip flop is not in the picture. Make sure your guess includes your e-mail address.

If you aren't local, your cookies will be shipped. If no one guesses correctly by Monday, the one with the most correct wins!


  1. 1 cowboy hat
    2 cupcake
    3 shorts
    4 barn
    5 horseshoe?
    6 bell
    7 underwear/bikini bottom
    8 towel
    9 horse
    10 goat
    11 bikini top
    12 hot pepper
    13 sunglasses
    14 cow
    15 hummingbird

    samantha denning

  2. oh man now everyone can see mine!!!