Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shannon and Dan

I made these custom cookies for treats in the hotel baskets of guests at Shannon and Dan's wedding. The flower is an edelweiss (I've included my inspiration photo). The groom's grandfather makes wood carvings of these flowers.

I just wish I was a better photographer, my pics don't do them justice.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun Flowers!

Kathy was taking her daughter's girl scout troop to host a birthday party at a women's shelter. She asked for bouquets to take to the birthday girls.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lily's Hope at Cedar Grove

My friend, Monica, recently told me that one of her fellow teachers had taken a leave of absence to care for her daughter, Lily, who is undergoing chemotherapy. She TOLD me that we were going to walk in a fundraiser on the family's behalf in November. OK, I don't mind walking--but why walk when you can make cookies!!!!!

So here's the deal: The total purchase price of cookies ordered from any staff member at Cedar Grove goes to "Lily's Hope". If you'd like to order, contact us by e-mail, tell us what you'd like and we'll give you the price (prices vary based on size and design). We prefer two weeks notice on all orders, but it never hurts to ask if we can do something sooner. We also usually have cookies stockpiled in the freezer for holidays, so sometimes you can get those at a moments notice. It just so happens I have more of the flowers pictured at the top in the freezer, available for immediate delivery.

I know teachers get tired of the apple theme, but I'm sure they won't mind the apple cookies as samples, cute and delicious.

Thanks to Lee for the very first donation to Lily's Hope; he ordered the "bounce back" bouquet. And no, he doesn't qualify to win the contest (the first person to place an order wins the flower bouquet), as his order was placed before the contest started. But...he could be the first person to place an order after the contest was announced!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just For Fun

It's not often I get to make cookies "just for fun". But when Linda gave me these cutters for my birthday, and I didn't have any orders at the time, I just had to have some fun. The set came with a lion too, I'll save that one for more fun later.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sara and Ryan

Were married yesterday in DC. Sara orderded 300 of these cookies for the 100 hotel welcome baskets she made. The dome represents the beautiful city the wedding took place in, the cruiser represents Ryan's job as a MCPD police officer, and the flip flop represent Sara, who is from Southern California. Best wishes and thank you for your donation to the Children's Inn at NIH.