Monday, August 3, 2009

Lost: The Official Cutter of Summer Reward: Cookies of Course!

Joan and I own a million cookie cutters. We have duplicates of course, but usually share the ones we have singles of. She called and wanted to borrow the flip flop (yes, the official cookie of summer--the cookie that brings me the most joy). No problem I say, come right over.

I keep my cutters organized in clear bags with theme labels. The flip flop was not in the summer bag! OK, maybe it got put in the baby bag as I had just used baby cutters. No luck. I searched through my 500,000 cutter collection with no luck. I tore my house apart, no luck.

If you see my lost cutter, please return it, it means so much to me. I'm offering a reward of a dozen beautifully decorated cookies of your choice--they can't be flip flops though :(

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