Friday, May 15, 2009

Our History

When my niece was getting married, she asked me about favors. We decided that beautiful ones that could be eaten or used up were the best alternative. (How many little picture frames or candles do you really need?) We came up with the idea of a large sugar cookie, but it had to taste as good as it looked. Being of an analytical mind, I started my research. I tried many kinds of sugar cookie recipes until I found one that was easy to work with and tasted great. Then I moved on to different types of icing. After many attempts, I found one that worked. I then experimented with how long a cookie could be frozen and still taste fresh. As you can imagine, my family ate lots of cookies! Experimenting done, it was time to move onto the logistics. How was I going to make 200 hibiscus flower cookies in time for the wedding? Ask friends to help! Audrey and Lisa jumped on board to help with the decorating. We had so much fun that we just kept baking and decorating cookies! My only pictures of the hibiscus flower cookies!

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  1. It's great to meet you Audrey. It sounds like we have lots in common. Your cookies are wonderful! That's awesome that you donate your cookies so the money goes to charities. May you be blessed richly because of your efforts. :-) Pam