Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation Cake Pops!

We were invited to a graduation party for 3 different friends. What could I bring besides cards and money? Cake pops of course! These are strawberry. Can't wait to taste them!

We were invited to another graduation party! Damascus colors are green, gold, and white. I wonder what Audrey's cooking up this weekend! Her son came to exchange cookie cutters with me--a cowboy boot for a flip-flop--it is great to live so close!

I know what I'm not cooking up--cake pops!!!!! After falling in love with the taste, I just had to try and make them. The cake crumbled, the chocolate wasn't the right consistancy, I learned you can't color chocolate with gels--it gets a really weird texture, and they are really hard to dip, they became bottom heavy. If you need cake pops, call Joan, she's made three batches. I quit. ~~Audrey~~

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