Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Boys of Fall

Laura, one of our biggest fans, ordered football cookies for her son's end-of-year party via e-mail. I was baking acorns, so to make life easier, baked the footballs at the same time. I knew since both were brown, decorating would go a lot faster.

As we talked on the phone one day, Laura mentioned when she'd like to pick up her football bouquet. Bouquet? I never even thought to put them on sticks. Being the good sport she is, she said it didn't matter. Being determined to please one of my favorite customers, I knew I had to add sticks. I little icing to act like glue on the back did the trick, not too pleasing to the eye, but delicious! I told one of my kids it was white glue, it's non-toxic you know--edible. I still haven't told him that I was just kidding.

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