Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Face

Joan and I spent most of the afternoon decorating these for two different baby showers.

We absolutely loooooooove the baby faces. I must give credit where credit is due though, they were inspired by Sugarbelle (a cookie decorator whose site I stalk often). If you would like to stalk her too, you can find her at:

The pink and white are for a shower Mindy will be attending next weekend. Thanks for your donation and repeat business!

The purple and pink are for our friend and neighbor, Monica. We'll be attending her shower in two weeks and these beauties will be given as favors. Had we known the faces would have turned out so cute, we probably would have just made those for her shower. I hope the guests don't fight over which one they get to take home. I know we want faces!

By the way, the faces aren't drawn on with a Sharpie marker (as I think I may have lead Dave to believe). It's edible marker, our new decorating friend--love them!

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