Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

SHOPPING FRENZY!!! And we've lost our minds.

We have 14 bouquets and 10 plates of cookies to be sold tonight. Prices range from $8-$25.

In case you've forgotten, Shopping Frenzy is at Damascus High School, 6-9 p.m., come early in case the weather gets bad. If you buy the cookies and don't need them right away, they can be frozen.

Our favorites--Joan likes the trees, I made those. I like the snowmen, Joan made those. Together we LOVE the snowmen, mittens and stars together, so I'd call those our favorite. What's yours?


  1. WOW!! You girls have been BUUUSY!

  2. Hi Ladies,
    I was just going through your entire site and I'm so impressed with all of your cookies!!! How fun...I noticed you have a recipe for the cookies - which I going to try asap. I was just wondering if you'd share your icing recipe too. I want to try decorating cookies with my little ones and I want a recipe that is tried and true. Thanks for all your help. What a cute blog!!

  3. Hi Katie--

    We use color flow for icing. The recipe is in the can, it's a Wilton product. We outline with it somewhat thick and fill in with thinner (like a syrup consistancy). The detail work is meringue icing. The recipe is in the can and it's a Wilton product. Good luck!