Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cookie Waiver

I gave these to my favorite PAA, Jessica. She makes sure I get work so that I have money to buy the ingredients to make cookies!

She called me yesterday to say she had just eaten one of the cookies and that it was delicious. I told her I was so glad she enjoyed it, but I gave her the cookies on August 24th!!! She said they were too pretty to eat and they had been on her desk. No, not just on her desk, on her desk for 29 days!!!!

We only freeze cookies for a month, to leave them out for a month and then eat them, unthinkable. I told her I'm going to make her sign a cookie waiver so that when she gets sick she can't sue me.

A question and contest: How long would you leave one of our cookies on your desk before you decided it was not safe to eat?

Leave a comment with the answer and your e-mail address. One comment per person, please. The winner will be chosen at random on October 8. The prize: One dozen Halloween cookies (we will ship within the USA).

1 comment:

  1. This is my first time posting. I LOVE your site. I'm just starting to decorate cookies. I don't know if I'd eat your cookies! I want to save them! They are so nice. Really, I'd only eat them after a week or so. Mandy